Credit Tradelines and how they help your score!

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Credit score is an important asset that is beneficial to our livelihood. It determines your stability and reliability with creditors for approval odds and interest rates. Your credit score can fall for a variety of reasons and the stronger your score the more one little slip up can affect you. Credit repair is only half the work when repairing your credit, you also need to add positive credit history, like credit tradelines, to help you boost your scores.

A credit tradeline is an account that we add to your credit report that has been opened for at least one year or more! Length of history makes up 15% of your credit score which is great because you don’t have to build up the length history on your own which would easily take you 12 plus months to do. It has a perfect payment history, which is HUGE for your credit. Remember that payment history makes up 35% of your score and one single late payment can drop your score even up to one hundred points!! Debt Ratio, also known as your amounts owed, on the tradeline is less than 10%. Amounts owed makes up 30% of your score and going over the 10% Debt Ratio will start lowering your credit score even if you’re making your payments on time.

Based on our experience, our tradelines usually increase our clients credit score at an average of 10-60 points, but we have seen up to a 180-point increase. It varies based on the individual’s credit profile.  So, as you can see you we don’t just help with credit repair and bad credit! Sometimes all you need is an extra boost for your dream house or car and you can definitely benefit from having tradelines added to your credit reports.

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