Many people have heard of good and bad credit.  It is a number we know we want as high as possible, but what does that number really mean?  Through common knowledge we know the higher the number better off we are, but how does this really affect is in everyday life? Why is it that we strive to work on our credit score as much as possible?  Now a day, credit is used not only in lending transactions, but in many other ways that can impact our lives.

To begin with, a credit score is commonly used in lending transactions. Banks and lending companies will look at your score along with your credit history to assess how much they are willing to lend, if they are willing to lend you money at all. Your credit score is an indicator of how creditworthiness you are, in other words, can you be trusted to pay back the money.  I like to compare it to a resume, were you list your past experiences in jobs you have had, credit score and reports show your experience with loans and or credit you have received. The better you are at paying off your debts, the better your score and reports will be.  There are several factors that play into this score, with the majority of it being your payment history, your debt ratio, and length of credit history. 

Another aspect where credit can affect us is our career search.  It is become increasingly common for employers to screen candidates based on their credit score. They do this to measure if that individual is any risk to the organization.  Imagine working being the hiring manager of a bank, and you are tasked with hiring an individual who will be dealing with large amounts of cash, wouldn’t you want to know how responsible that individual has been with his own money?

As you can see, having a good score is not just something you brag about with your friends and or family, it can have a huge impact on your life.  Anywhere from obtaining that home you always wanted, or that dream job you had as a little kid, your credit can dictate how you make those dreams come true. Here at Credit Services of America, we help you make those dreams a reality. We specialize in credit repair, student loan consolidation, debt settlement, and credit trade lines.  All of these are meant to make your credit report look better and give your credit score a BOOST!

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