How To Establish Credit?

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Here at Credit Services of America, we often get asked how to establish credit.  We have clients that are entering the early stages of adulthood or have recently acquired a social security number that know the importance of establishing and maintaining credit.  As many of us know, credit is an essential part of our lives that affect in areas such as employment and loan opportunities.  The bright side is there are several steps one can take towards having and keeping a healthy credit life.

Here at Credit Services of America, we like to recommend several options to clients starting off their credit.  One of these steps is to consider opening a secured credit card. A secure credit card is a credit card secured by your own money. For example, a bank might require you deposit a certain amount into an account, they will hold the funds, and issue you a credit card for an amount equal to or less than what you have deposited. This card will report just like any other credit card on your credit reports, but should be easier to qualify for since the bank is holding your money in the event that you are unable to pay it back. This account should be maintained as any other revolving account, in that it should have payments done on or before due date, while maintaining a debt ratio of less than 10%. Click here of a list of secured cards:

Here at Credit Services of America, not only do we help out with credit repair issues, we also help clients establish credit.  Either you have had credit issues in the past or no credit history at all, we have services that will benefit our clients. Our Credit Trade-Lines are meant specifically for that purpose, to help BOOST your score! Being the only place in our region that is licensed and bonded for credit and debt, we have been very successful in helping our clients meet their financial goals.

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