I Have A Credit Freeze, Should I Still Be Keeping An Eye On My Credit Report?

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The simplest answer is yes. Many of us have identity theft protection or a credit freeze on our credit, this is crucial to help protect our credit. Some place it because they have already been a victim or identity theft, others for a piece of mind. Having a credit freeze does not mean one should stop checking your credit report at least once a year. When one has a credit freeze on ones’ credit, it prevents lenders or creditors from being able to run your credit. They simply are denied access to your credit report. You must life your credit freeze yourself before giving any creditor or lender access to your information so they are able to run your credit.

Although a credit freeze can help protect you from others from opening new accounts using your information, this will not prevent criminals from using your information to access and compromise your existing accounts. Many people suffer from their credit cards being cloned and used for unauthorized purchases. By checking your credit report you can see your balances on your credit cards reported that month and be alerted of any red flags.

Identity theft protection and credit freezes are highly recommended as it is the first step to protecting yourself. If you’ve seen your credit report already and see accounts you don’t recognize or perhaps the balances on your accounts are not correct. Or perhaps you’ve received collection letters from companies you have never heard of or accounts you do not recognize, your information and credit may already be compromised. We can help you with all of this. We can review your entire credit report with you and take the necessary steps to not only fix the errors but also to help you increase your credit score all at the same time.

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