What Credit Score Does Everyone Start Off With?

There is no specific credit score everyone starts off with. Everyone just starts off with no score whatsoever. Credit score are not the same for anyone, everyone’s is different as it is measured or calculated upon request. Whether the score is a good one or not depends on how you are taking care of building your credit. On the contrary of popular belief, nobody starts at a 0 and works their way up or starts at an 850 and goes down. As you may have never applied for credit before or had anything under name, you may have unpaid medical bills which are affecting you negatively starting you off with a bad credit score.

Having no credit is better than having no credit as it is easier to just build good credit. Having bad credit takes money, time, and effort to turn it into good credit, although worth it. There’s not many things you are able to do now a days without good credit. Its good to know that whether you have no credit or you have bad credit, you can always get help to build your credit up. You can reach out to credit counselors and they can guide you in the right direction. Having good credit makes life so much easier, especially financially.

If you find yourself not knowing where to even start building or acquiring credit or perhaps you find yourself in a horrible situation where you have bad credit. We can help you! Regardless of your situation there is always a solution to better your credit, essentially allowing yourself to live a better and easier life financially. We help with an array of services; Credit Repair, Debt Settlement, Student Loan Consolidations, and Trade Lines to help boost your credit score.

A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish. Give us a call TODAY at 844-FIX-URCR or click on the following link creditservicesofamerica.com to schedule your FREE consultation and create your personalize plan to achieve your credit and debt GOALS!
*Individual results may vary. Please call for more details and to discuss your own individual situation.

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