What to do if you have BAD CREDIT!!

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Many of us have heard the horror stories of what bad credit can do to your life. These stories range from denial of credit from a beautiful home someone might want all the way to it affecting your career opportunities. It is safe to say all of us know it is important to have good credit, but what happens if we find ourselves with a less than preferred credit score? The bright side of this is that even if we do find ourselves with bad credit, there are ways to make it better. In other words, having bad credit does not mean you have a life sentence of remaining with bad credit.

Nowadays, there are several ways to improve your credit. One thing that is recommended is to look at your full credit report with all 3 bureaus, EQUIFAX, TRANSUNION, & EXPERIAN. This will gage you in to where you stand credit wise and let you know what is affecting you, either negatively or positively. There are several sites that will offer you a full copy of all 3 reports, once a year, for free. It is recommended that you review this reports at least once a year to make sure there is nothing you don’t recognize, that might suggest identity theft. On these reports, you want to look for any late payments, collection and charge off accounts, and high debt ratios.
Once you identify what is affecting you, it is easier to know where to start. A few things that are recommended are to start making your payments on time, minimize the time you run your credit, have no further collection accounts, and reduce your credit card amounts owed. All this will stop the bleeding, but there is still more to do.

The next step is to start eliminating those negative remarks. Here at Credit Services of America, that is what we focus on. We specialize in credit repair, debt settlement, student loan consolidation and credit trade lines. We start of by focusing on verifying and validating your accounts that could have erroneous or invalid information such as late payments, collection and or charge off accounts. During our FREE CONSULTATION, we review in depth your credit reports to see exactly what is on there and better guide you into repairing your credit.

We then also include credit trade-lines, therefore not only deleting erroneous information, but helping your credit score increase. Our objective here at Credit Services of America is to make your dreams a reality, make sure you have that house you always dreamed of and that career you have worked so hard for!

A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish. Give us a call TODAY at 844-FIX-URCR or click on the following link creditservicesofamerica.com to schedule your FREE consultation and create your personalize plan to achieve your credit and debt GOALS!
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