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Why Credit Services of America

Credit Services has been fixing credit and offer debt consolidation 10 + years

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Our Credit Repair Services

Certified Credit Counselors

Connect with a certified credit counselor for direct disputes with bureaus and creditors, ensuring a targeted approach to credit improvement. Start improving your credit today!

Debt Negotiation

Let us negotiate with your creditors to reduce your debt by 30-70%, and work towards a deletion to help restore your financial stability. Take control of your finances today!

Credit Report Portal

Safeguard your financial score and identity with our comprehensive client portal. Our platform helps you track and monitor your credit score in real time, providing you with the tools and alerts that need your attention.

Credit Repair Solutions

We focus on you by combining debt consolidation, personalized credit repair, and smart credit use to boost your score and simplify your finances. Elevate your credit today!

Debt Elimination Program

Our experienced team works to clear Late Payments, Charge Offs, Foreclosures, and more, guiding you towards a cleaner credit report. Take the first step to a better credit today!

Committed to Your Success

We pledge to deliver exceptional results with our comprehensive credit repair and debt management solutions. Enhance your financial future today!

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Credit Repair FAQs

The duration of the credit repair process can vary widely based on the complexity of your credit report issues. On average, clients may see significant progress within 3 to 6 months, but more complex cases could take longer.

Generally, if an item is accurately removed because it’s erroneous or outdated, it should not reappear. However, if the creditor verifies the item as accurate, it could reappear. Continuous monitoring is key.

Credit repair involves disputing inaccurate or unfair negative items on your credit reports to improve your score. In contrast, debt consolidation combines multiple debts into a single debt with a lower interest rate, making it easier to manage payments.

Accurate and verifiable negative items, like legitimate debts or penalties, cannot typically be removed until they naturally age off the report after 7-10 years, depending on the item type.

Credit Services of America can provide guidance on best practices for credit management, including on-time payments, credit utilization ratios, and avoiding new unnecessary debt.

Yes, dealing with identity theft and fraud is a key part of credit repair services. They can assist in disputing fraudulent transactions and securing your credit profile against future incidents.

Maintaining low credit balances, making timely payments, and not opening new credit lines unnecessarily are effective strategies to complement credit repair efforts.

Common mistakes include missing payments, using too much of their available credit, applying for too much new credit at once, and not monitoring their credit report regularly for errors.


Initiating credit repair with Credit Services of America is straightforward. The first step is to contact us for a free credit analysis. This allows our experts to assess your credit situation and develop a customized plan tailored to your specific needs and goals, setting the stage for your credit repair journey.

Credit Services of America provides 24/7 access to a client portal for real-time updates on your credit repair journey. Additionally, we ensure direct communication with your personal credit coach for detailed progress reports and strategic consultations.

Ready to Start Your Credit Transformation?

You can expect your credit score to improve with credit repair

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Our Commitment to You

Credit services of America offers a moneyback guarantee if you're not satisfied or can't get help from the services that they offer

We shoulder all the risk so you can pursue financial recovery with confidence. If we can’t help initially, we’ll keep working at no additional cost until we deliver results.