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What we do

We offer an array of services personalized and customized to exceed your own individual needs. Repairing your bad credit can be extremely challenging without the right tools. Many people struggle with credit repair simply because they do not understand all of the elements involved.

Debt Elimination

Debt can destroy your life. Massive amounts of energy and worry goes into the juggling of income and payments to meet life’s needs. The secret to living a fulfilled and richer lifestyle is getting control of your financial life and eliminating debt.

We are the ONLY company in the area that can offer Debt Management, Student Loan Consolidation and Credit Services legally under one roof!

Financial Strengths & Weaknesses

CSA will work to put you back in control of your hard-earned money. You could save thousands of dollars on interest rates, lines of credit and loan points by bettering your credit rating.

Debt Negotiation

Smart people can get into big financial problems, but they know that declaring bankruptcy, although tempting, has far reaching consequences that just aren’t worth it. DON’T DO IT!

Friendly, Experienced Coaches

We have the most friendly, knowledgeable, experienced and confident credit coaches. CSA sets the industry standard very high when it comes to credit repair, debt elimination and credit coaching.

Student Loan Consolidation

A student loan counselor will evaluate your loans and provide you with a FREE No-Obligation counseling session, showing you how student loan consolidation can help you.

Personal Credit Mentor

A personal credit coach is assigned to help you challenge questionable items directly with the credit bureaus, including creditor interventions/disputes.

Debt Negotiation

We also include creditor interventions and creditor disputes to make sure you receive the very best results possible.

Credit Reports

You can get a million items deleted from your credit, but if your score doesn’t increase then all those results are completely worthless. 

Credit Repair

You can get a million items deleted from your credit, but if your score doesn’t increase then all those results are completely worthless. 

Debt Elimination

Our experienced team and proven process has helped many people—just like you. We will eliminate Late Payments, Charge Offs, Foreclosures, Judgements, Repossessions, Personal Identification, Closed Accounts, Bankruptcies, Negative Settlements, Liens and Collections

Our Promise to You

One of the biggest reasons why hundreds of people have trusted us to repair their credit and get them out of debt is, we take on all the risk. Not only is your satisfaction completely guaranteed or we’ll give your money back!

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Why we are different

We are here to serve you. Our only goal is to help individuals change and live a better live through better credit, debt elimination and peace of mind.
We can give you debt management, credit repair and credit coaching all under one roof and one low price.
Don’t pay more for less! We use the most sophisticated strategies to deliver results and raise your score- which is what matters!

Award winning Service

Credit Services of America and won Awards for Execellence in Customer Service for seven consecutive years.

We want to say “Thank you” to all of our valued Clients!

Credit Services of America, Your One Stop Shop for ALL your CREDIT Needs. Better Service. Lower cost. Guaranteed!

From Our partners

"I've gotten excellent feedback from those who've been assisted by the company; they appreciate the professionalism of CSA and are comforted by knowing that our soldiers are not being taken advantage of."

Tom Spalding

United States ARMY

"A reputable firm like CSA can put you on the right track and get you into that car you always wanted."

Jim Vargas

Used Car Sales Manager

"No hype. No gimmicks. Just smart credit management; and it works. Some of my client's own homes because of the work CSA has done."

Eloise Perez


As a licensed real estate broker I highly recommend this company. They have helped many people.

George Jabali

Real Estate Broker

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