Have you ever wondered just what the big deal about having good credit is all about? Below is a list of ways that will benefit you in improving your finances and quality of life. Excellent credit is the key to saving money and getting the best rates possible. If you have goals and dreams to have a better life these are a few examples in ways that will benefit you.

  1. Lower interest rates
    Good credit vs bad credit, did you know that a $150k mortgage loan on an average sized home 3bd 2ba with good credit will run you about $720 a month. Normally you cannot even find a decent apartment for that monthly payment, let alone that size. However, with bad credit, in that same scenario your payment could upwards of $1350 if they would even finance the loan.
  2. Approval for higher limits.
    When applying for credit you may be able to apply for some credit cards but with bad credit you may only get qualified for a “Starter Card” at a high rate for at $300. This is one example of having good credit could start you off with a credit card about $2500 to start!
  3. More rewards.
    Having good credit come with many rewards for starters not dealing with getting declined everywhere you turn. There are even Airline rewards just for applying for a card that you get approved for.
  4. Easier approval for renting an apartment.
    In larger cities, the rents have become astronomical. Many landlords are especially choosy when it comes credit. In most cities you need a 680 FICO score to begin the qualifying process. However, with a Fico Score over 700 you are less likely to encounter any resistance when renting.
  5. Better insurance rates.
    Insurance companies are also relying on your FICO score in determining the price of your policy. Some companies my even turn you down if your score is to low.We have a solution!
    Credit Services of America understands just how difficult life can be when bad credit prevents you from enjoying a quality of life that you deserve. Buying a home maybe that largest purchase you ever make. However, it should not be the hardest especially when you work so hard to be the provider for your family or even rewarding yourself. Many times, we window shop and dream that one day we can be in that position to make that big step. We at Credit Services of America can help make that dream a reality.A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish. Give us a call TODAY at 844-FIX-URCR or click on the following link creditservicesofamerica.com to schedule your FREE consultation and create your personalize plan to achieve your credit and debt GOALS!

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