As you may already know, 15% of your overall credit score is made up by your Length of Credit History. This means that the longer you have been entrusted with credit and you have responsibly used it, the better candidate for new credit you are. This number, although looks small, is the 3rd highest category when calculating your score, after Payment History (35%), and Amounts Owed (30%).
Credit accounts in your file tell a story, of good times and bad times, of times of prosperity and times of struggles. And the longer the story, the better the reader will take an interest in reading it. Sure new credit accounts might lure consumers to open then with introductory rates or promotions, sometimes linking to once in a lifetime deal for a specific product or service, but keeping your old credit accounts open will payoff faster when you need it the most.

Keeping credit open for as long as possible, while keeping a good payment history is the best way to help 15% of your overall credit score. At Credit Services of America, we specialize in improving credit scores.  We are your one shop for all your credit goals. Contact us for a free credit consultation and provide you with a plan and guide you on the right direction to build the best credit file possible.

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