Delinquent child support can get listed as a tradeline, or account on your credit report. It is reported to credit bureaus directly by the municipality or agency collecting the debt. And, having unpaid child support on your record can have “substantial, negative” impact on your credit score.

These negative affect could lead to higher interest rates or being declined for a loan as long as the delinquent child support remains in your credit history, Yes payments matter “When payments are made as required, the account will reflect on-time payments and potentially have a positive impact on the credit report,” Late or missed payments would have a negative impact, just like late payments on a car loan or credit card bill.

It is important to look at the specific rules and regulations in your state, as they vary by location. The reality is, most people fall behind in support because they’ve lost a job or their income was reduced. “If that happens, it’s important to get into court immediately to ask to reduce or pause the support obligation.

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