Credit cards may seem convenient, and sometimes even necessary but what are the advantages and disadvantages of owning credit cards . Some credit cards offer travel perks, rewards, cash back, but they also come with fees, interest rates, late fees etc. Credit cards can help you build credit or lead to bigger debt. It is important to know what you are getting into.

Credit cards of course have there advantages, more money to spend that you can pay later, travel perks and reward points, some credit cards can even offer 0 % interest rates. Credit cards can even help build up your credit score. Yes credit cards can be a huge help when low on cash, but it can lead to some big problems.

Over spending is a huge issue when opening new credit cards accounts, its easy to swipe and forget about the balance when it can be paid later. Some credit cards have high interest rates and you can be paying more later. Just like credit credit cards can help your credit score, they can also significantly damage it, it also depends on the credit limit percentage that you are using.

Credit cards are not the problem nor the solution but knowing when to open a credit card and knowing how to use it. Beware of hidden fees, and late fees, high interest rates, calculate what you will be paying later before making the purchase. Pay off the credit card balance as soon as possible, use no more than 10% of the credit limit to help boost your credit score or maintain it.

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