Credit, Who needs it? Why is it important? And how does it work? These are questions that most people only ask when they need to buy something on credit. Everyone will need credit sooner than later, from needing to get a new apartment, buying a car, or buying a new home. The way credit works is very simple. Our credit is based on 20% being new credit cards and types of credit we have, 80 % of credit is based on our payment history, amounts we owe, and our credit history. All of this is stuff we control. Payment history would be 35% of our credit score. Are we paying bills on time, remember that just 1 late payment can lower your score significantly. Our debt-to-income ratio counts for 30% of our score, so it is important to keep this as close as we can to 10% to get the most points available. And our payment history is also important, it is important to have accounts that are over 1 year in length, for creditors to be able to see how we handle our finances. If all of this seems overwhelming, don’t worry call us, we are here to help.


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