Medical bills can affect your credit if they are not paid. But they affect your credit differently depending on the amounts.

For example, As of March 31,2023 if your medical bill is under $500, they will not show up on your credit report. But if they are over $500 then it can hurt your credit rating. In order for a medical bill that is over $500 to affect your score, it has to be older than 1 year. This gives you time to pay for your medical bill before it affects your score negatively. Also, once it is on your credit report, it can stay there for 7 years.

What happens if you pay for it, or it is fraud and not yours? Once you pay the medical bill, it does come off your report immediately and it will help increase your score right away. And in the case of fraud, it can be disputed. All you need to do is dispute the charge and have the evidence to back up your claim that it is not yours and it is an error.

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