Having to deal with collection accounts for 7 years is tough, very very tough. The stress of knowing you owe creditors that once helped you, the worry that you might never get out of debt given certain life circumstances, the great impact on potential employment, the terrifying anxiety feeling when applying for new credit, and above all, the constant reminder of all this by collection calls, collection letters, attorney letters, and court summons.

Life happens. Debt can be very overwhelming and intimidating, no doubt about it. That is why is very important to know your options!!

Collection companies often make it difficult to start over and get ahead. Calling you and sending you settlement offers where the amount of the debt starts to seem reachable, often consumers fall for this and spend great amounts of money to “FIX” these accounts.

But beware, while many think paying off your outstanding debt will help, this is not always necessarily the case. In fact, it may even hurt your credit profile even more. How so? On most of these transactions with your collectors, all it does is reset the clock and impacts your history even harder!

Here are three things you should know about unpaid collections:

– The newest versions of FICO and Vantage Score ignore paid collections. What this means, is that even if you settle a collection account on your own, through a debt settlement company, or paid off the collection completely off, the credit bureaus will then report it with a new remark such as “settled in full”, “paid in full”, “settle with lesser amount”, etc. However, it will STILL be reported as a paid collection, still negatively impacting your credit score. A COLLECTION ACCOUNT DOES NOT GET DELETED JUST BECAUSE IT IS PAID.

– Second, if you absolutely want to, OR HAVE TO, pay off any delinquent accounts, we commend to seek professional CREDIT experts! Not just consolidation companies, not just bankruptcy lawyers, and definitely not unexperienced individuals, but CREDIT experts.

– Lastly, the different types of debt on your credit report might not have the same impact when it comes to apply for new credit. Although most mortgage lenders will overlook medical collections, you should keep in mind that any bills, whether it be consumer debt, medical bills, student loans, repossessions, etc., will affect your overall credit file and credit score.

So before you spend your hard earned money on unpaid collections, contact the experts for professional CREDIT advise.

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