Generally when most people find themselves so far into debt feeling they have no where to turn, a common advice is bankruptcy! Is this right? Although at the moment it seems like the only way, many times the consequences last much longer than you wanted them to.

So let’s say you’re in debt about $25,000 or more, of course filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy will eliminate most of that debt (if you qualify) however, you now are facing the blemish of bankruptcy for the next 10 years on your credit report. At this point any plans you may have for auto purchases or home purchase are now on hold for years. It is no secret that you more than likely will not even qualify for an apartment. The worst part is that if any credit is extended and you default, creditors can garnish wages.

Eight out of ten credit reports contain mistakes making it easier to have these accounts to be deleted the from credit report. Most consumers that filed for bankruptcy never even knew to investigate or seek information that benefits them. Most collection agencies or creditors after a short period of time are more than happy to negotiate down a debt. At Credit Services of America we understand and have negotiated debts saving our clients hundreds if not thousands of dollars. In addition to this service we have had many debts eliminated from credit reports.

Credit Services of America has the tools to help you settle your debt, fix your credit, and boost your credit score. The best part is that we offer 100% FREE consultation in order to assist you with the best information. Calls us today at 844-349-8727 to help you get started.

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