During holiday season some opportunities for consumers may emerge to build credit and enjoy the benefits of a credit card like racking up rewards and maybe even traveling miles. In some cases, it might make sense to open a new credit card to maximize the value you can get during a time of increased spending.

Should you try to open a new card for the holidays? During the holidays your spending will increase, credit cards can help. It’s important to know how to manage your credit cards so they won’t impact your scores. Debt to pay ration should be no more than 10%, using your credit card for everyday purchases and paying on time will increase your score. If you’re thinking about getting a card for this purpose, make sure to avoid racking up too high of a balance. The percentage of your card’s limit that you’re using at a given time, is a major factor in your Credit score, and it’s best to keep it as low as possible. It is important to manage your credit cards well, or they may hurt your credit more than helping it.

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