Revolving tradelines include credit cards and lines of credit, while installment tradelines include loans, such as mortgages, auto loans, student loans and personal loans. For each revolving and installment credit account that you have, there’s a tradeline for it on your credit report A tradeline includes information about the type of account, lender’s name and address, partial account number, the date the account was opened and if the account was close it will have that information too. The status oof the account will include the current balance and the date of the last activity. Tradelines on your credit report reflect the original loan amount or credit limit, monthly payment, recent balance for credit cards only. If you make payments on time or any past due payments. Tradelines have an enormous impact on calculation overall scores.
Credit Services of America offers tradelines to help boost your score 10-60 points, and up to 180 points! The trade lines we offer have perfect payment history, less than 10% utilization rate, and have been open for more than one year! You can see how adding one of our tradelines to your credit report can benefit you! Counselors at Credit Services of America can assist you in checking your credit report and look for opportunities to help with your credit score. We are licensed and bonded for our client’s protection and are the only company in the southwest to offer 4 services under 1 roof!!! (Credit Repair, Debt Settlement, Trade Lines, Student Loan Consolidation. Stop by our office or give us a call and take your first step towards better opportunities!


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