Here at Credit Services of America we have a dedicated team in different areas of expertise that make sure you are completely satisfied by the end of our services. We offer FREE credit consultations to help us better understand what goals you have and what’s important to you. Through our process we also like to educate our clients on how credit works.

A lot of times we ask ourselves how does credit work? well here is an easy breakdown that will help you better understand how your credit score is determined and what to do to maintain an amazing credit profile.

80% of your credit is determined by your payment history, amounts you owed and credit history- Are you making your payments on time or are they late? This counts for 35% of your credit score, 1 single late payment can drop your credit score dramatically causing a very bad impact on your credit profile and essentially denied for future credit needs. It is VERY important that you stay on top of your bills and making those payments on time. Then we move to the amounts you owe which are also known as debt to income ratio. This counts for 30% of your credit score, you always want to keep your debt to a minimum, people say “don’t bite more than you can chew” this is very true when it comes to your credit, don’t add stuff to your credit that don’t fit your budget since at the end you probably won’t be able to afford the payments and fall behind affecting your credit. The other 15% of your credit score is based on your credit history, very important that once you start to stablish credit you don’t turn around and close them. 1 year or longer of credit history with excellent payment history can take you very far when it comes to your credit needs.

10% of your credit is new credit and the other 10% is types of credit- lenders like to see a variety of credit on your credit reports, we recommend that you have 1-2 installment loans (personal loans, auto loans, mortgage loans) and 3-4 revolving credit (credit cards or lines of credit) very important that once you have your credit cards opened that you use them monthly and keep them under 10% debt ratio.

Here at credit services of America we can help you with 100% of your credit needs regardless if you have good or bad credit we will be able to help, whether is for your house, car or that job that you been wanting.


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