If I pay rent should the payment history get reported to the 3 credit bureaus?

The short answer is yes, payment history can be reported to the 3 credit bureaus. All three credit bureaus do have the capability to accept and report your payments. But if we look at most credit reports, you do not see this happening. The reason for this is that landlords and property managers are not required to report it to the credit bureaus. Other things that may not be reported by landlords and property managers would be evictions, property damage, or broken leases. The way you will normally see things like these appear on your credit reports, is once the landlords and property managers turn over your unpaid debt to a collection agency. The collection agency is normally the one who would report these items to the 3 credit bureaus. If you need help with fixing your credit and do not know where to turn, do worry, we can help you.

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