2022 is gone and 2023 is here and its time to start improving your credit score and improving your financial stability. How long have you put off fixing your credit score, and said “I will do it later?” Taking steps to improve your credit can help you lower interest and monthly payment rates. If  you’re feeling great about your finances heading into 2023, or worried about your finances, your credit score will be an important contributor to improving your life. Great credit means having a credit score of 750 or higher. The higher your score, the lower your interest rates for loans and credit cards, plus lower monthly payments, and possible rewards. Great credit means instant approval whether its for mortgage loans, car loans personal loans and even job opportunities . Its time to make the decision to better your credit score and this is what to do.

Payment history is the most important factor when analyzing your credit score. A late payment is extremely hurtful to your credit score, so it is very important to never miss a payment. The next important factor when analyzing your credit score is amounts owed, the balances on your credit cards, and loans. Pay down your debt, your credit utilization rate should be below 10% of the credit limit, and paying off loans as soon as possible will improve your credit score. Remember acquiring a loan affects you more than a loan being close to being paid off. Secured cards are your best friends when you are trying to improve your score, you use it as any other credit card but you have to deposit money and that will be your credit limit. If possible get added as an authorized user to an account with perfect credit history this will improve your score instantly. Keep credit card accounts open for more than 1 year, to report positive credit history. Credit monitoring is very important and is highly recommended, just like you check your account balances every day check and monitor your credit score to maintain a great score.

All this is very important to improve and maintain your credit score but the most important thing you can do in the process of improving your score is patience!  Your credit score will not shoot up over night, it is a slow process, people with 750-850 credit scores will tell you it took years and a lot of work to accomplish. If a credit repair company is offering a quick and easy solution, then more than likely it is a scam! Your credit score is key to improving your life, take the time to improve and work on it.

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