What are the steps we can take to improve our credit scores?

Why should we stop applying for credit?

Each time we apply for credit we get a hard hit on our credit report. Knowing this is important because each hit on our credit report can cost us on our credit score. Did you know that each hit can take between 2 to 5 points off our credit score? It is important to not apply everywhere so that we do not hurt our credit score.

How can paying down our credit card balances help us?

First when you think of your credit score. Thirty percent of it is, the amount we owe on our credit cards versus our credit limit. It is always best to only use 10% of our credit limit. This will ensure that we get the maximum of points we can get.

Does paying our accounts down help us?

Paying your bills on time each month can also help you raise your credit score. If we pay on time, each month. We will have a good payment history and remember your credit score is made up of 35% of your payment history.

Does having a good credit file help?

Yes, we want to build our credit file. When creditors look at your credit file, they like to see a good mix. This would be about 1 to 2 installment accounts, 3 to 5 revolving accounts, and a payment history that is longer than one year to show how credit worthy you are.

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