Is your family aware of Online Scams?


Parents need to protect their children from digital scammers by learning, teaching and making your kids aware you avoid common scams.

First get some knowledge

Online shopping scams occur when scammers set up fake websites or ads on genuine retail sites to try and steal from unsuspecting shoppers.

Sweepstakes or Get-rich-quick schemes usually are in f a form of email telling kids they’ve just won a prize for a contest they didn’t enter. Unfortunately, these scams usually require you to pay money or open an account to claim your prize. Huge red flag for a scam.

Phishing is the most dangerous and common. This happens when someone sends you a fake email that mimics a reputable company asking you to share your personal information like passwords, account information and credit card numbers.


Teach Your Kids How to Spot Scams

Start by asking them what they know about online scammers and what scams they are aware of. Explain that one of the easiest ways to identify online scams is by their attempt to trick kids and adults alike into handing over their personal or financial information Never give personal information to anyone online, whether it comes via email, text, chat or other form of online communication. They should also know not to share information when playing games, using social media platforms or doing other online activities.
Inform your kids about online criminals who take advantage of them by luring them into their schemes using different tactics. If possible, show them examples. If you or anyone in your family has been victim of Fraud this can ruin your credit. Make an appointment with us today and we can guide you in the best direction to fixing your credit.


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