It has now been more than a week since unemployed Americans stopped receiving the $600 federal boost. Republicans and Democrats are still battling it out. In the meantime, we are left state unemployment benefit. However, the experts say the American public may not fair to poorly in this battle because Capitol Hill will likely make retroactive payments of when the $600 benefits first lapsed. Stated by Stephen Wander, a senior fellow at the National Academy of Social Insurance.

However what choice do many low-income workers have but to turn to high-interest payday loans or go into other forms of debt. That only makes it more important that the payments are retroactive, so the American people can pay some bills.As the average credit scores continue to take a beating, the question for many becomes how to build back to a positive credit rating and optimize their lives without borrowing money or adding risk. If managed well a good credit rating can be a real asset. From higher credit card bonuses and rewards to lower insurance premiums and interest rates, hundreds or even thousands of dollars’ worth of goodies are available to those with great credit. Even loans rates are way more favorable.

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