Medical Bills

Do medical bills show up on your credit report? The answer is they can after one year. Medical bills are different than other collections that appear on your credit report. Most Medical providers do not sell your accounts to collectors unless they are older than 90 to 120 days past due. And once the collection agencies buy these types of accounts, they are not reported to the 3 credit bureaus until they are past due over 365 days.  The three credit bureaus give a grace period on these types of accounts, because they give you time to correct issues that you may have with the insurance companies. But once they are on the credit report they can hurt your credit score, and if they are over $500, they can stay on the report for up to seven years. Once these bills are paid off, they will be removed from your credit report and your score will be positively impacted. But it is always best to pay your medical bills as soon as possible so that you do not hurt your credit score. If you need help with your credits score, we can help.


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