In 2020 the housing market has seen an increase in requests for loans. Oddly you might expect a decrease due to the pandemic. Not so according to many lenders. Lenders have shared with us that consumers that were other wise cautious to get into a mortgage are now aggressively shopping. This holds true for many car dealerships. There has been an increase in car buying. Some dealerships have even shared that they are seeing better sales than this time last year. However, one thing has been true, banks are still cautious to loan in the subprime market. (credit scores between 300-599) Credit services of America has seen a new urgency in clients needing help in this area. Many are wanting to enjoy the same experiences in Home and Auto purchasing.

The good news is Credit Services of America can help get you back on the road to recovery. We have helped many clients by deleting those questionable negative items on their credit report and assisting them build credit. One strategy is after deleting these negative items, we add positive credit history to help boost that credit score and achieve their goals.

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