If you have bad credit and you are wondering “how to fix my credit” it is probably because at some point you stopped paying any account in your name or because you already have too much debt. Let’s be honest, fixing your credit does not happen overnight and if someone tells you otherwise, they are lying to you.

What you can do is apply certain techniques to identify areas where you can improve and possible errors in your history that can be corrected.

1) Fixing My Credit and Understand My Score
Checking your credit helps you understand the 5 factors that determine your credit score and what you can do to improve your score. There are different ways to check your credit reports for free, with annualcreditreport.com being one of the most popular in the industry. There are also Paid/Subscription based credit reporting companies that can provide your with your credit “Reports” AND credit “Points” for a fee, such as Identity IQ, that also provide credit monitoring for daily, weekly or monthly updates.

Once you check your credit you will be able to understand what is hurting your credit the most: Debts not paid on time or completely, accounts in your name that you did not open (this may be a sign of fraud), errors in your credit, the total credit utilization on your overall credit limits or some other reason. By understanding your score you will consequently better understand what you have to do to get a great credit score and how to MAINTAIN that ideal credit file.

2) Identify Errors In Your Credit and Dispose of Them
One of the easiest ways to fix your credit is by finding delinquent accounts on your credit that you have already paid and have been wrongly listed. Other errors can also be accounts in your name that you never opened, as this can be a sign of fraud. Once you review your credit and identify errors in your history, you can dispute these errors with the credit bureaus.

But be careful. Repairing your own credit is not an easy task and not done right can often hurt your credit more than help it. Mistakes such as the right wording, how often or soon you send and resend your documents, and even the addresses you send them to.

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