As the IRS continues to distribute checks for the first stimulus check form the CARES Act, you have probably read articles about how a second stimulus check might be on its way.
We have had proposals suggesting $2,000 a month for each adult, a payroll tax cut, and even bills that would cancel rent payments. But the reality is that despite all the proposals, the next stimulus bill is not going to happen very soon.

If you are in a situation where you need assistance now, here are a few ideas of where to come up with cash: Search
It is sponsored by the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators and helps you find money that you may have left unclaimed in various scenarios. If you have ever had a bank account go dormant and be closed, the funds are sent to your state’s unclaimed property division. You can use to search your state’s databases to find money that is rightfully yours.

Cut Non-Critical Expenses
Unfortunately, now is the time to cut those expenses you thought you couldn’t live without such as designer coffee, eating out especially fast food. It can be difficult but if you are in such a pinch – it is time to start cutting those expenses you thought you couldn’t live without.

Sell Items of Value
Do you have anything in your closets that might potentially have value? Old cell phones? Or furniture you no longer need? Now is the time to try to turn those into a little extra cash through eBay or Craigslist.

Find a New Side Hustle
If you have some useful skills, perhaps something that can be done remotely, consider going on a jobs marketplace and finding a side hustle that you can do to earn a little extra cash.

Fix Your Credit.
Your credit can save you in bridging the gap of lost income. Having good credit is a real tool that will help you extend the life of your cash. You also can lower interest rates on cars and homes and even auto insurance.

We have a plan for everyone. We have been instrumental in helping families save thousands of dollars by assisting them in repairing their credit. We offer a variety of plans that will address bad credit and help boost their credit score. Gone are the days of putting up with terrible credit. You know have a choice whether your credit is good or bad. 

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