You may be wondering what is the right credit card for me? With so many types of cards, it might be hard to find the right one. There are many things to consider, when choosing a credit card. First, how is my credit score? Second, what do I want in a card. And third, is this my first card or not.

Let’s look at the cards that are available and find out a little about each.

Basic credit cards:

A basic credit cards, allows the user to purchase items on a line of credit. Usually, it is from a bank or credit union. If you pay back to amount that you spend within the grace period, (25 to 30 days), then you only must pay back the amount that you spent. If you take longer to pay back the amount, then you will be charged interest on the amount you did not pay back. Credit cards can be a valuable tool for borrowing money and for building your credit.

Credit cards for bad credit:

If we have bad credit, it can be tricky to be able to get a credit card. But there is a way. Secured credit cards is one way to do this. A secured credit card is a card where you put a deposit for a line of credit for the same amount. This type of card is good for building a credit history and for showing creditors that you are credit worthy.

Credit cards for fair to average credit scores:

These types of cards are for individuals who have a credit score from about 630 to 689. Although, we cannot qualify for the best cards out there, these still are good cards to be able to make your purchase and build good credit.

Credit cards for good credit:

Offer low interest and do not charge a fee to enjoy them.

Balance transfer cards:

These cards are excellent for saving you money. You can transfer the balances of other cards to this one, saving you interest. Usually these cards have zero % interest for 12 months or so. Allowing you to pay down the balances quicker and save money.

Reward cards:

These cards allow you to earn money back each time you use them. You can earn other things like travel miles, points, perks, and allows you to save money.

Cash back cards:

Allows you to earn money back from every purchase.

Airline cards:

They allow you to earn free flights, and have perks like free baggage checking, seat upgrades and access to exclusive airport lounges, to say a few.

Student Credit cards:

These cards are great for students who are starting out to build credit history and normally have great perks for students to earn.

With all these types of cards available, there is no reason why you can not find the one that is best for you.


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