If you have goals such as being a homeowner, having your own car, or paying for children’s college tuition, you will need money to do so. If you cannot afford to pay cash, you will need to apply for a loan. To get approved for the loan, you will need to have a good credit score. Unfortunately, most consumers with bad credit continue the downward spiral and never know the feeling of being a homeowner or having a brand-new car. Therefore, it is so important to stop the cycle of bad credit and fixing your credit.

Consumers with good credit qualify for the top tier interest rates on everything from credit cards to mortgages to auto loans. If you have bad credit you will automatically have increased interest rates on these things which in turn elevate your monthly payments and end up costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars more than if you had good credit.

When it comes to renting, credit plays a crucial part in determining approval for an apartment or house, as well as the size of the security deposit which will be required. Consumers with bad credit are often asked to put down 2-3 months’ worth of rent as a security deposit while those with good credit often have their security deposits waived. This is why it is so important that you get your credit up to par before looking for an apartment. Just like landlords, utility companies often require a security deposit from consumers with bad credit. When considering that services such as telephone, gas, cable, internet, and electricity will all need deposits of $50 to $500 each to activate; the cost of bad credit quickly escalates.

When applying for a job, most employers will review an applicant’s credit reports prior to hiring them. It is believed that bad credit is a sign of irresponsibility and a lack of financial competency. Some even go so far as saying that applicants with bad credit are more likely to steal than those with good credit.

Today people are discovering that they no longer must live with bad credit for years. Credit repair is not what you may think. Many debts are not being reported accurately. Collection agencies and creditors must adhere to certain laws if they are going to report late payments or negative items on your account. When items are not accurate this means items must be deleted. The Fair Reporting Credit Act states that all items must be accurate.

Credit Services of America has been analyzing credit reports for may years now. We are well versed in reading credit reports, exposing mistakes, and getting these negative items removed. We are experts in dealing with the credit bureaus. We have deleted thousands of negative items from our clients’ credit reports. Credit Services of America has the right tools to help you. We can schedule a free consultation to go over your options and get you the help you need.

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