I believe that if we all have a clear goal, we can accomplish it with greater success. Credit world has a specific why that they think that all citizens must live by and here is the chart that best explains it. Credit as we all know is extremely important, it allows lenders to get to know you with out really knowing you. Everyone’s goal is not just to get the loan but to get it in with good rates. This information that I’m going to share with you will help you look good among all lenders.

35% of our credit is measured by our payment history. So, keeping up with your payments month to months is extremely important. That just goes with out say but with the purpose of this exercise I must disclose this information, this will allow lenders to see some of your tendencies, and there for not only lending you what you need but also lending it to you with smaller interest rates.

30% The second most important is how much we owe. So, for example if we have a $100 credit card, we must always maintain it at or less than %10. When you apply for something that tell the lender that you are basically leaving off your credit cards, even thought that might not be the case.

15% of your credit is measured by the length of your credit history. All loans or credit cards payments should be at least 12 months long, that would proof good credit history on that account. This will help you proof that you are responsible enough to maintain long payment history and there for building more trust among lenders.

10% Third on the list is new credit, new credit entails new loans, credit cards, etc. Lenders want to see an active account; this will provide new history but an active user. * But remember it must be at least 12 months long.*

10% The last percent involves of the specific combination of 2 installment accounts and 3-4 revolving accounts. Installment accounts means mortgage, car loans, and revolving accounts means credit cards and loans. By having this combination allows you show the lenders that you are responsible and that you have your priorities in order.

Well folks, I hope this information helps you with having a clear goal to having a successful year and remember that any other questions we are here, Credit services of America has been helping people since 2012. We have a strong history of success full story, come visit us and you can be our next successful story.

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