Life is about perspective, and the way you look at life has a lot to do about how much freedom you have. When you have good credit, it does not only help with smaller monthly installments, but it also allows you to not feel trapped and must settle for anything. How many times did you feel you had to buy that car because your credit was not good enough and you had to get the one car you wanted, but you had to get the car they wanted instead. Or having to rent instead of just buying a house for your family. 

Here is a perfect example of having bad credit vs good credit when purchasing a new home: 

Buying a house of 150,000 x 30 years with a interest rate of 4% the monthly installments would be $716.00.

That same house for the same amounts of payments with interest rate of 10% the monthly installments would be 1,316.00. With bad credit you are basically paying twice the amount you would be paying if you had good credit. This is an additional $600 you are paying in interest alone. Many people are wanting to buy a home to stop wasting money on rent but throwing away $600 a month in pure interest for 30 years is just as bad! 

So not only are you saving monthly about 600 a month,  but can you imagine how much money you can save for the entire life of the contract!?!? A grand total of $216,085 of saving over the life of the contract!!!

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