Identity theft happens when a fraudster uses your name, address, bank account information, credit card details or other types of personal data without your consent. They may open up new accounts in your name or make purchases using your personal details. It’s scary and uncomfortable when someone uncovers and uses your sensitive data, and it can also have real consequences. Your credit may be affected if an identity thief applies for credit, opens new accounts or rents an apartment with your information. But there’s a lot you can do to protect yourself from identity theft, starting with understanding the information that you should go to the greatest lengths to protect.

Here’s where to start… this is some information thieves can use to steal your identity, name and address,social security number, banking Information, cell phone¬†number, passwords, credit card information, passwords, and credit card Information.

How to protect your personal information, there are many ways a fraudster can steal your information, but there are just as many ways for you to protect it. Here are your best bets: