Significant savings on interest rates on big-ticket loans – When you take a large loan to finance a big purchase like a home or car, even a small difference in the interest rate can translate into thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a loan. Borrowers with the highest credit scores are generally able to secure the lowest interest rates available at a given time for a mortgage or auto loan. And that can mean big bucks. For example, a 30-year fixed mortgage of $250,000 at 5.5% will cost a borrower a total of $511,010 over the lifetime of the loan. If that same borrower can get a 4.5% interest rate—just one percentage point lower—they will pay $456,017 over the life of the loan, a difference of $54,993.

So what’s a good credit score?
While there are countless credit scoring models on the market, one of the most commonly used is the FICO Score model, which places scores in a range between 300 and 850. FICO breaks up these scores into the following credit scoring bands:

Exceptional: 800 and above
Very good: 740-799
Good: 670 to 739
Poor: 579 and below

In most cases a score of 700 or more in the FICO model is considered in most lenders eye.

So how can I improves my credit score? While each consumer likely has dozens, if not hundreds, of credit scores, the good news is that what makes scores go up or down across different models is almost always the same. It’s just that different models may apply different weights to certain factors. There is no secret sauce to getting good credit scores. Generally speaking, the best way to improve your credit scores is to do the opposite of what caused them to go down in the first place, and give yourself enough time for them to improve. While each scoring model gives different weight to the factors that affect your score, there are usually seven factors that go into determining your scores:

High credit scores will afford you access to the most rewarding credit cards on the market, including those that offer the lowest interest rates and the best rewards, such as cash back offers, travel points, and other incentives. You are also more likely to qualify for an introductory 0% APR purchase and balance transfer offers, which can translate to significant savings over time. Other things like… insurance discounts on rates to get lower easier to pay premiums, the ability to have as many housing options  when shopping for a home. Many Americans are locked into a small amount of homes to choose from because of credit. Even rental properties require positivity, when it comes to choosing  you over the other applicant with a higher score the higher score shows more responsibility and less of a risk.

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