There are 3 main factors as to why credit history is so important

1. It increases your chances of getting approved for credit.
2. The better your credit history is the more advantage you’ll have at discounts and lower interest rates.
3. Good credit helps you with not only with lenders but also with jobs, rental properties, paying insurance. ETC.

If your credit is bad it can limit and deter your choices and make borrowing from lenders or creditors more expensive and most of the time disappointing.

There are many factors you should be aware of that can have a negative impact on your credit report.

1. Late payments, A late payment really negatively impacts 35% of your total credit score

2. Debt Ratio, if your consumer ratio is 10% or less you’re in good standing and where we recommend you should be. If your consumer debt is higher than 10%-30% this is the area that is considered borderline and where you will encounter debt issues, bad credit scores and less approval rates.

3. Credit history is your resume. This what lenders, brokers, salesman see. Make sure it’s impeccable!

If you don’t know much about credit, it is very likely that you are struggling in one of these areas of your credit score and needs your immediate attention. Here at Credit Services of America we review your credit report with you and come up with a personalized plan to help you not only better your credit overall but ensure you have a very good understanding of what you can do on your end to maintain a good credit score. Call us now at 84-349-8727 to help schedule your completely FREE credit consultation. Whatever your own situation is, we can help as we are the ONLY company in the region to offer 4 different services under one roof; Credit Repair, Debt Settlement, Student Loan Consolidation, and Credit Trade Lines to help increase your credit score.

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