Have you ever asked yourself, when is the right time to start working on my credit? We get that question asked many times and the answer to that is NOW! Always keep in mind that if you don’t have any credit it takes time to build it and for you guys that have credit and is not where it needs to be it also takes time to fix it. We all want things in life that in some occasions we need to use our credit to be able to get those things and having bad credit, either won’t get you approved or you will end up paying WAY too much just in the high interest.

Here are some examples of what good credit VS bad credit looks like; first let’s look at client #1- this client has excellent credit which means that in the credit market he qualifies for discounted rates and he’s approval odds are very high. He is buying a house for $150,000, he qualified for an interest rate of 4% and his monthly payment will be $716 for a 30-year term, by the time he is finished paying off the house he paid a total of $257,804. Now let’s review client #2- this client is also buying a house for the same price of $150,000. He has bad credit which means that in the credit market he is consider a high-risk client with very low approval odds. He found a bank that will help him buy the house, however the bank is going through an independent investor so he get’s qualified for the full amount of the $150,000 with an interest rate of 10% , monthly payment of $1,316 for a 30-year term. By the time he is finished paying off the mortgage he paid a total priced of $473,889 for a $150,000 house. This is a difference of $216,085 in potential savings that having good credit can do for you. Therefore, it is so important that you start TODAY to either work on building your credit or fixing it.


Here at Credit Service of America we like to get to know our clients credit and future goals, we have a professional team that dedicates their time and skill-sets making sure that we are fighting to help you fix your credit and get you closer to those goals. We have a lot of pride in what we do for our clients and your success is our success. We will own your credit problems and make them ours; we will do whatever possible to help you reach your goals and we will not be happy until you are 100% satisfied with your results.

A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish. Give us a call TODAY at 844-FIX-URCR or click on the following link creditservicesofamerica.com to schedule your FREE consultation and create your personalize plan to achieve your credit and debt GOALS!
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